Sunday, November 11, 2001

Cowboy Bebop OST 2 - No Disc

Vicor Music Entertainment.

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Track Listing:
  1. American Money
  2. Fantaisie Sign (Vocals by Carla Vallet)
  3. Don’t bother none (Vocals by Mai Yasame)
  4. Vitamin A*
  5. LIVE in Baghdad (Vocals by Masaaki Endo )
  6. Cats on Mars (Vocals by Gabriela Robin)
  7. Want it all back (Vocals by Mai Yasame)
  8. Bindy
  9. You make me cool (Vocals by Masayoshi Furukawa)
  10. Vitamin B*
  11. Green Bird (Vocals by Gabriela Robin)
  12. ELM
  13. Vitamin C
  14. Gateway
  15. The Singing Sea (Vocals by Tulivu. Donna Cumberbatch)
  16. The EGG and YOU (Forever Broke)

In a word - eclectic. What a mix! >>> by firesenshi

Let's just say that if you were to choose Cowboy Bebop OST 1 and this one, I'd choose this one. I know. I know. I also gave a 9 to the OST 1... but what's a girl to do when she likes both? If you look at the tracks, you'll notice that there are more tracks here that have vocals than in OST 1, which has mostly instrumental. The cool renditions in the vocals just make me love Cowboy Bebop all the more!

The familiar Cowboy Bebop tracks are the first one American Money. That zany public-service show Big Shot has its full version complete with sound effect samples of cash register going "Ch-ching!" and big men cheering "Go! Go!" as if they're making you gulp down your tequila. The last track Power of Kung Food Remix is Tank! in another version.

Fantaisie Sign by Carla Vallet is a track that opens with soothing vocals by a French version of Brasilian legend Astrud Giliberto. This, combined with a horn section, is nicely contrasted by frenetic percussive beats. Live in Baghdad is a different number. Remember the episode, "Heavy Metal Queen?" This is what VT is playing. But folks, this is not pure heavy metal you know. While the sounds of the electric guitar may make you want to head bang, you'll hear sampling of distorted voices in here as though techno crossed over. The lyrics are repetitive and so do some screaming beats. But like most heavy metal, this is one you'd just certainly want to just listen to... just plain JAM... and not try to digest very hard.

From heavy metal to Green Bird, a choir rendtion, a simple concerto. I actually love love ELM , the twelfth track. Soothing music that reminds me of 13th century German music. That's right. Medieval. The same kind of music that inspired Seal's Kiss from a Rose. Imagine a lonely minstrel singing on his guitar.

What's this CD composed of? A mixture of upbeat jazz, astonishing vocals, even some soulful concertos and some less than 10-second tracks. Don't underestimate the 10-second tracks -- they're all the VITAMINS you'll ever need. That's what they are -- a small dose... an energetic boost. Instrumental sax and guitar with sharp percussion to a brief halt. Those were the 10 seconds of my life.

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