Sunday, November 11, 2001

Cowboy Bebop - Vitaminless

Vicor Music Entertainment. All music and vocals arranged by Yoko Kanno.

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Track Listing:
  1. The Real Folk Blues
  2. (by Mai Yamane)
  3. Odd Ones
  4. Doggy Dog
  5. Cats on Mars
  6. (by Gabriela Robin)
  7. Spy
  8. Fantaisie Sign
  9. (by Carla Vallet)
  10. Piano Bar I
  11. Black Coffee

Loved the Real Folk Blues >>> by firesenshi
Oh yes. Only 8 tracks. 8 wonderful and astonishing tracks that just won't make you forget what Cowboy Bebop is all about. While this is only a mini-album, this CD contains one distinguishing track -- The Real Folk Blues, Cowboy Bebop's ending theme by Mai Yamane.

Yes, I know what you're saying. It's also in other albums. This one is the original. The album Blue has another version. If you loved the TV version, you better hear the full version in all its emotional heavy blues movement with its lyrics sounding nothing else but the best mush you'll ever find. Llisten to the lyrics and it's the best breakup song if i've ever heard of one especially with the amazing instruments in the background.

Why else could this be a great album? It's a combination of jazz and Shibuya Kei. If you're an 'underground' techno-retro music fan, you probably heard of Cornelius, Fantastic plastic machine, Kahimi Karie and of course, Pizzicato Five. Already, these bands are having a cult fan base in the United States but in Japan where everything trendy today could easily be out of style tomorrow, they may declare this movement dead although no one can deny once you've heard these sounds, a combination of vinyl records and the new blues mixed together, the result is undeniably classic. If it sounds '60s or '70s to you, it's because that's what the 1990s Shibuya Kei phenomenon was all about -- the sounds on vinyl records but of course being a Japanese movement, the English sounds that were imported were given a bit of "now" flair.

Hearing Cats on Mars, a bubblegum synthesizer pop number with a catchy breakbeat, the vocals actually sound like Kahimi Karie to me. The last track Black Coffee sounds like a bit of Fantastic Plastic Machine and the new retro sounds I hear on French radio. A sample of the conversation is sampled in, "Would you please have some coffee with me?" to which the girl answers... "Nnn-o!" Her "Nnn-o!" sounds totally cartoony. What a fun piece this is!

In the track called Spy, the opening guitar riffs really epitomise the title of this track. Smoky lounges, car chases and flirtations with agents of the opposite sex come to mind when listening to this. Oohh... this CD is very versatile!

All in all, if you love Cowboy Bebop, love an eclectic mix of jazz and Shibuya Kei, this will be the best eight tracks in your life! Otherwise, if you just go for the Cowboy Bebop sound and don't want to mix in with the new genre I just told you, go for the that great Cowboy Bebop OST 2 or Blue. My suggestion though... try something fun. You've heard of the godfathers of Shibuya Kei called Pizzicato Five at least once in your life so you better try something different such the WONDERFUL tracks in this album.

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