Sunday, November 11, 2001

Cowboy Bebop Remixes

Vicor Music Entertainment. All sounds arranged by Yoko Kanno. Radio MC Yota by Oxygen Funk.

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Track Listing:
  1. Radio free Mars talk 1
  2. Tank! - Luke Vibert Remix
  3. Radio free Mars talk 2
  4. Forever Broke
  5. Radio free Mars talk 3
  6. Cats on Mars
  7. Radio free Mars talk 4
  8. Piano Black - Ian O’Brien Remix
  9. CAT BLUES - Mr. Scruff Remix
  10. Radio free Mars talk 5
  11. Fe - DJ Vadim Remix
  12. Fantaisie Sign - Ian Pooley Remix
  13. Radio free Mars talk 6
  14. Space Lion - 4 Hero Remix
  15. Radio free Mars talk 7 - [0:23]

Nice nice change of pace. >>> by firesenshi
Listen to the percussion as the 'DJ' with a Latin or Jamaican accent speaks. You can hear he's kinda smooth talking in a way! The format of this CD is CREATIVELY done as though you are in a radio show where the DJ who calls himself "Mr. Martian" babbles as a start that his program has "no sponsors, no commercials and no guarantees....Theeeese are the only rules." Upon describing the Seatbelts, he rambles on that "she wrote the music that kicks...rockzz.."

Expect a lot of techno pop and jazz in this remixes album. Of course... that's what it's all about. And who wouldn't be pleased? This is already great music! And nothing is better than the same great music re-engineered. Don't worry about anything. Only Britney Spears broke the rule that all remixes sound more fun.

Atmospheric tunes lay as background for some of the tracks. I enjoyed the remixes of Tank! and Cats on Mars , two of Cowboy Bebop's resident tracks in almost three of its other soundtracks.

f you look at the track listing above, you can see that this album is self-made. The names of Ian Pooley and 4 Hero among them? Whoa! When the great names in techno and drum and bass are up there, this tells you that this is one great collaboration!

If you hear someone say, "if you're not a fan of techno, this is not a good investment..." I suggest you burn that person immediately. I will. Who am I to generalize what non-techno fans will like? I'm not a techno nor trance fan yet I totally dig even the ambient samples in these tracks. Or if you're not a techno fan, why not try something new? Most likely, you love Cowboy Bebop that is why you're checking this track, right? Let me tell you something... I wasn't a fan of jazz until I was into Cowboy Bebop. The anime Cowboy Bebop itself is a totally new experience. This CD, done as though it is a radio show, is a nice candid one.

If you feel though that you just feel like jamming to the usual Cowboy Bebop sounds you hear in the anime, try going for OST2 and Blue instead. If you want to try something new, this is a great one! Don't worry. Not much of a culture shock.

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