Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Escaflowne: Girl in Gaia Movie OST

Credits: Yoko Kanno.

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Track Listing:
  1. Yubiwa (Finger Ring)
    Vocals by Maaya Sakamoto
  2. First Vision
  3. Colors
  4. Into Gaea
  5. Ryuu-geki-tai Toojou
  6. Horse Ride
  7. Gaea Hitsuji
  8. Regret
  9. Bird Song
  10. Sora
    Vocals by Shanti Snyder
  11. Aruseidesu Fukkatsu
  12. The Hurt
  13. Take my Hands
  14. Organ Pub
  15. What'cha Gonna Do?
  16. Sora's Folktale
  17. Torushina Shinkou
  18. Dance of Curse II
  19. Black Escaflowne
  20. Tree of Hearts
  21. We're Flying
  22. Who Will Save
  23. Final Vision
  24. Nomitori Uta
  25. You're Not Alone
    Vocals by Maaya Sakamoto & Shanti Snyder
  26. Call Your Name

Why you won't buy the Yubiwa single (No! No!) >>> by firesenshi
Escaflowne: Girl in Gaea is a wonderful movie. Let nobody tell you otherwise that characters only have 5 minute dialogues in there because every good actor knows that there are no small roles, only small actors and that a great character in anime is not measured by screen time. The setting of this movie is in an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE than the Escaflowne TV Series so naturally roles have to be changed.

Now is this CD as phenomenal? A big resounding YES! If you love Escaflowne very very very much, I will give you a great advice: DO NOT BUY THE YUBIWA SINGLE. Why? There are 26 reasons why. I could say for the simple reason alone that this is Yoko Kanno and anything Yoko Kanno deserves a place in your CD collection. Should you want another reason, it's simply because the tracks here are all good. Too good in fact that you will think that buying the Yubiwa Single too stingy... not too much value for something of just four tracks with only two songs and two alternate versions of those same songs. I mean... why would you do that to yourself???

You want Yubiwa, I don't blame you. I love it. 3 years after the Escaflowne series, Maaya Sakamoto proves she's a great a find as Yoko Kanno. Her vocal rendition here is not like the other Escaflowne OSTs because her voice here is deeper, more soulful, more mature. Her vocal talents have been honed after 3 years and 3 OSTs. YES, you deserve Yubiwa. BUT you also deserve Sora whose vocals sung by Shanti Snyder accompanied with astonishing soft instrumentals like the tinge of the music box and gentle strings make it sound so extremely magical, you can't get enough of it. (You remember this in a scene where Falken is in his castle preparing for Van's attack. Sora sings this song and she later tells him his doomed prophecy.) The best word to describe the track Sora is enchanting.

You also deserve Sora's Folktale. You deserve You're Not Alone, the English version of Yubiwa. This is a piece sung by Maaya Sakamoto and Shanti Snyder. The vocals alone sound heavenly. The instrumentals complete with a mix of Latin choruses, Gregorian chant inspired pieces, soft acoustics and keyboard renditions plus elegant symphonic instrumentals and even some distortion! You deserve all 26 tracks of this CD which is as wonderfully produced as the Escaflowne movie. You deserve all this not a measly 4 track single which could only do nothing but just make you want for more. The Escaflowne Movie soundtrack is nothing but great value. Nothing but a masterpiece!

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