Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Macross Plus: Sharon Apple - Cream P.U.F.

Credits: All music arranged and composed by Yoko Kanno. (Lyrics and Vocals) Gabriela Robin. Akino Arai.

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Track Listing:
  1. Information High
  2. Idol Talk
  3. The Borderline
  4. Santi-u


A fine selection from both Macross Plus OSTs >>> by firesenshi
In my opinion, not the best one to get if you like Macross Plus. This is only composed of four tracks where two of them can be found in the Macross Plus OST 2 and Macross Plus - for Fans Only. I was surprised that this does not include all the versions of VOICES given that this is supposedly concentrated on Sharon Apple. The selection here is not even quite addicting. Should you buy an album with only four tracks, one must make sure they are not at all saturating. Granted that the two tracks, Information High and The Borderline are not in the OSTs... I somehow didn't think they were that great.

Information High, sung in english, is a high emotion, high energy, typical pop number. To me it sounds like an '80s disco song especially during the 'aerobics' fever. You can certainly dance to this especially with such a long 8 minute track and the singer belts out rather well. And while The Borderline has charming, seductive vocals, the melody stays on just one tone that I later found myself yawning.

As always, I highly endorse the Macross Plus OST 2 or Macross Plus - for Fans Only soundtrack. Can't help myself. Sorry. But not this. Not this. Not this.

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