Monday, November 5, 2001

Macross Plus OST 2

Credits: Vicor Entertainment. Yoko Kanno.

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Track Listing:
  1. Idol talk
  2. Jade
  3. Nomad soul
  4. Welcome to Sparefish
  5. Go Ri A Te
  6. Let's News
  7. Pulse
  8. 3 cm
  9. VOICES (Acoustic version)
  10. Pu Qua O
  11. Sweet feather
  12. A sai en
  13. Bad dog
  14. Child MYUNG
  15. Coma

An even grander OST >>> by firesenshi
The CD starts you off wit Idol talk, a track with catchy technopop - the kind you'd wanna chill out to. At first it seemed that the lyrics and the beat are repetitive but reaching the middle part of the sound already had it grow on me. The track actually has an aura of seduction in it. Sexy. You'd want to hear how refreshing it can be.

Why do I like this Macross Plus OST better than the first one? For one thing, this is a compilation of different beats and genres. While Track 4 sounds Turkish or Arabian, Track 5 moves on with African beats and chanting. A remix of folk music. Pulse has a more mystic chorus with the "Aaaaaaa" light voices of the vocals sounding like some Indian traditional and pop music. There are sounds of a shaman sounding his prayer sampled in this track.

If anything, the CD is composed of nothing but reflective pieces dominated by piano and guitar instruments. Almost taking on the more mystic and religious genres in music where A sai en is performed by the Raiche Courtev sisters and therefore sounds like convent music. The best innovation here is Child MYUNG which is only composed of pure vocals for three quarters of the track. There are now words sung here. Only rhythmic humming which then breaks into atmospheric sounds of the organ playing.

The defining track is still VOICES and you will hear it here in its full acoustic glory. WOW. Again, a must for every Sharon Apple fan. While the Macross Plus OST 1 starts with an a capella version, this one raises your spirits with the sound of the acoustics in the background. The voice has a thin quality, almost whispery and airy but then this is very much appropriate since this track fits the scenes it highlights.

Bottomline? If you missed your Macross Plus soundtrack in 1995... why... git! Get this one now!

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