Monday, November 5, 2001

Macross Plus OST 1

Credits: Vicor Entertainment. Yoko Kanno.

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Track Listing:
  1. National Anthem of Macross
  2. Fly Up In The Air - Tension
  3. After, In The Dark - Torch Song
  4. MYUNG Theme
  5. Bees & Honey
  6. In Captivity
  7. More Than 3cm
  9. Break Out
  10. Very Little Wishes
  11. SANTI-U

This beat my expectations! >>> by firesenshi
I was expecting the usual themes for a mecha anime -- you know, the usual ones that are usually rock or heavy metal in genre to inspire the intensity of the action scenes. However, i found instead symphonic beats, melodious chants and a bit of soft piano renditions. The tracks here all in all are more solemn. More spiritual. This one you know as it starts with a track of the National Anthem of Macross.

The third track, After in the Dark - Torch Song, sounds like heavy metal music with an emphasis on percussion so you can just feel the strength in this song. The percussion in the background goes on a steady rhythm almost with the beat of your heart. After all that, it comes to a graduated stop and you hear the vocals that sound like a woman chanting. After all the frenetic buildup, the sopranos and atmospheric theme relax you. SANTI-U on the other hand, seems like a 'techno-chant' which suddenly changes into a menagerie of various music similar to the sound of you changing the tuner of your stereo to your various stations.

The best part? VOICES. If you're a Sharon Apple fan, you will love this one. Astonishing vocals. Wow. The very best.

This soundtrack was a re-release of the 1995 Macross Plus soundtrack which only had limited copies. If you're a true Macross Plus fan, you will get this one. I however, much prefer the Macross Plus OST 2 instead.

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