Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Macross Plus - for fans only

All music arranged and composed by Yoko Kanno. (Lyrics and Vocals) Gabriela Robin. Akino Arai.

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Track Listing:
  1. Welcome to Sparefish
  2. Fly Up In The Air - Tension
  3. Idol Talk
  4. Tepee
  5. Nomad Soul (piano version)
  6. Break Out
  7. Cantabile
  8. Myung Theme (cello version)
  9. Wanna Be an Angel
  10. Santi-u
  11. After, In The Dark - Torch Song
  12. Dog Fight
  13. Voices (a capella version)

A fine selection from both Macross Plus OSTs >>> by firesenshi
This Macross Plus soundtrack -- for fans only is a finer selection from both OSTs. The arrangement of the tracks are in such a way that it starts with a dynamic beat and ends on a more soulful, solemn note so the general feelings for this one is such that it gradually builds you up into such a momentum and later on settles you down with the relaxing aura of the strings and finally ends with Sharon Apple's VOICES. The tracks are similar to Macross Plus OST 2. If you ask me, I don't know which one to choose from the two, but considering there is the a capella version of VOICES here and the acoustic version of VOICES in the 2nd OST, that should give you an idea the differences in the version of these two OSTs. There is definitely more instrumental in the 2nd OST while this one has a track with a cello version and an a capella. Given these instrumental and voice solos, the tracks in this CDs seem to convey a much more reflective, solitary and personal feel as is the title -- for fans only.

The MYUNG Theme cello version is another track to note. This one has a piano and strings version in the Macross Plus OST 1. I think cello versions, because they sound lower than the regular strings, always give a more melancholy, more somber atmosphere to any musical piece. As is with any Yoko Kanno piece, the tracks here are a mixture of everything! From Tepee 's comicy whistling sounds and harmonica refrain to the church choral rendition of Wanna Be An Angel.

If you're a true Macross Plus fan however and have no idea which soundtrack to get (or just plan on getting one Macross Plus soundtrack), this soundtrack is my best suggestion.

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