Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Vision of Escaflowne OST 1 - Over The Sky

Credits: Yoko Kanno. Hajime Mizoguchi. Hiroki Wada.

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Track Listing:
  1. Yakusoku wa iranai (I Don't Need Promises)
    Vocals by Maaya Sakamoto
  2. Flying Dragon
  3. Dance of the curse
  4. Murder
  5. Escaflowne
  6. Angel
  7. Cubic
  8. Romance
  9. Ne Zu Mi
  10. Wings
  11. Gloria
  12. Eyes
  13. Poketto wo karanishite (Empty the Pocket)
    Vocal - Maaya Sakamoto
  14. White Dove
    Vocals by Aceilux
  15. Mystic Eyes
    Vocals by Hiroko Wada
  16. Deja Blue

Awesome symphonies! >>> by firesenshi
Tenkuu no Escaflowne's first OST starts you off with nothing else but Yakusoku wa Iranai sung by Yoko Kanno's regular, Maaya Sakamoto. Notice the rhythm and you'll find that it's 3/4 per measure and those rhythms are always very catchy and easy to remember. (In music, 3/4 usually have simpler melodies and most children's nursery rhymes have that kind of beat. However, Yoko Kanno utilizes such a beat to her advantage in that it aptly fits the lyrics as they were sung.) What is best of course is that hearing the full version with the the choral backgrounds and even the sound of the bagpipes as part of the instrumental makes you want to sing the line, "Kimi wo Kimi wo aishiteru..." (I... I love you) even more.

Wait till you get to track 3, Dance of the Curse, Escaflowne's main battle theme which you will find in all OSTs including the Escaflowne: Girl in Gaia movie OST. Latin chorus sparked by intense beats of percussion and instrumentals define the intense moment of the battle scenes in Escaflowne as this is being played in the background. The Latin chorus sings "Es-ca! Flow-ne!" in a manner similar to that of the Star Wars: Episode 01 chorus in the background as Obi-wan fights with Darth Maul. The difference? Yoko Kanno was three years ahead in using Latin choruses to best define the dramatic conflict.

As this OST is filled with quite compelling sounds done no less than by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, you will also be pleased with the vocals included in this track. The track White Dove may be done in English but it is does not compare to Maaya Sakamoto's Poketto wo karanishite. The intro of which sounds like Irish music similar to The Corrs' intros. Maaya Sakamoto's voice sounds so downright kawaii that you later find yourself singing and stomping your feet to the a catchy and fun rhythm. The second to the last track Mystic Eyes is a deviation from everything because Hiroko Wada himself composed and sung this pop number which is also Escaflowne's Ending Theme.

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