Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Vision of Escaflowne OST 2

Credits: Yoko Kanno.

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Track Listing:
  1. The Vision of Escaflowne
  2. Fanelia
  3. Ask the Owl
  4. Charm
  5. Country Man
  6. A Mole Man
  7. Cradle Song
  8. Machine Soldier
  9. Shadow of doubt
  10. A Far Cry
  11. Market Place
  12. Medicine Eater
    Vocals by Gabriela Robin
  13. Godds Drunk
  14. Cat's Delicacy
  15. Love
    Vocals by ACEILUX
  16. Hitomi's Theme
  17. If You

Yoko Kanno is good at experimentation >>> by firesenshi
Tenkuu no Escaflowne's second OST proves that the talents of the great Yoko Kanno never ceases to amaze. The opening track alone is a mixture of sounds inspired by Gregorian chants mixed with some African tribal drumbeats and Oriental gongs. The next track, Fanelia, sounds typical medieval Irish music as those played in their festivals and banquets. The track actually reminds me of an old English countryside complete with thatched roof houses and red bricks. Ask the Owl, on the other hand, is a mixture of Turkish or Arabian music along with the mystic chants of the East on track called Charm.

Watch out for Machine Soldier. At first the sound synthesizers and heavy percussion clearly depict the sound of metals clanging or heavy machinery being soldered or used at work. If you don't mind the heavy clanging noise, you can enjoy its techno beats in the background depicting power machines or heavy computers assessing the machinery which makes construction seem like a symphony! On the next track, you will just love the string quartet here. A constant cello with the fast tempo of the violin creates a stunning musical irony and opposition which then merges into one melody that itself gives you a perfect musical image of the title of the piece Shadow of Doubt. You will genuinely appreciate the sound of the violin here not as an instrument for setting the mood of romanticism but a piece accentuating the conflict.

As for the vocals, A Far Cry is a seductive jazz piece with whispery and "hissy" vocals. Love by Aceilux is also in English yet the melody in it compared to the experimental instrumentals in the selection makes it seem so ordinary. If You has vocals very deep and airy which starts with only the piano as an accompaniment to her voice. The electric guitar in the refrain is a typical one for most melodramatic pieces and when one listens to the lyrics, it sure enough heightens the sadness.

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