Monday, December 3, 2001

Gundam, Turn A Live

Credits: Yoko Kanno.

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Track Listing:
  1. White Falcon Medley
  2. Jig
  3. Moon Flower
  4. Blond
  5. Mokusei Hikouki
  6. Gunka no kioku
  7. The First Advent ~ The God's Scorn
  8. Second Advent ~ The Clash of God Strike the Beach
  9. The Third Advent ~ That which hides in the Earth
  10. Final Shore ~ Ah, to Meet Again
  11. Spirit of place
  12. Moon
  13. Felicity ~ Back to the river
  14. Back to the River - Original Vocal Version

The best of both OSTs >>> by firesenshi
Wish you could hear Yoko Kanno live eh? This is one in a concert she produced for one of Japan's longest running and most popular series Gundam's 20th anniversary. The bonus DVD is even special because it has some behind-the-scenes and actual takes from the concert where you can see Yoko Kanno herself conducting the orchestra!

Why is this even more special? If you're a Turn A Gundam fan and don't know which to choose between Turn A Gundam OST 1 or Turn A Gundam OST 2, this one has of course more selective in tracks and arrangement. Yoko Kanno has to choose the best for her concerts so you can be sure the best of both Turn A Gundam's OSTs are in here.

I find that Yoko Kanno usually starts everything with spirited pieces where her instruments then try to build a momentum... BUT... they always end on a softer note. There's the Advent Trilogy. Yoko Kanno of course has to choose of all her composition which one has the best musical score and that utilizes all areas of her orchestra from brass to percussion. You notice that this is in the middle of the performance? All great ones are in the climax. There's just a different emphasis per Advent. The Third Advent starts with drum and bass but ends with strings to emphasize its melancholy mood.

There's a vocal piece here called Moon. Moon is always always so great in both Turn A Gundam OSTs. It's as magical and ethereal as always. The live version though has added percussion to emphasize more drama. I think you should hear this! I love this!

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