Monday, December 3, 2001

Gundam, Turn A OST 2

Credits: Yoko Kanno.

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Track Listing:
  1. Turn A Turn (opening version)
  2. White Falcon
  3. London Bridge falling Down
  4. ALFA and OMEGA
  5. Barbarian
  6. Moon flower
  7. Ju-kikai Gaku (Mechanical Engineering)
  8. Pan wo Koneyo (Let's Knead Bread)
  9. Winter Sun
  10. Tsuki no Tamashii (Soul of the Moon)
  11. Kabocha Matsuri (Pumpkin Festival)
  12. Drum Head
  13. Triad
  14. Jig
  15. Lily
  16. Puff the Pussy Puzzle
  17. Until
  18. Blond
  19. Uka (emergence)
  20. Morning of NOCIS
  21. Mokusei Hikoki (a wooden airplane)
  22. She's so high
  23. AURA (acoustic version)
  24. Joy

Never disappointed me! >>> by firesenshi
Don't be fooled by Turn A Gundam's opening theme Turn A Turn, which also opens this album. True that while Gundam Wing's Rhythm Emotion depicts more action and Turn A Turn sounds more like the opening theme for sentai or live action hits like Bioman or Maskman (the original Power Rangers in Japan, if you will), the other instrumental hits are just as great as Yoko Kanno could be. True enough that as I listen to the tracks I was never disappointed.
London Bridge Falling Down reminds me of Shibuya Kei sounds. Simple keyboard distortions and a fun fun beat. Could dance to it! Barbarian starts with African tribal drumbeats (a Yoko Kanno favorite) with typical sounding Irish melodies, the sound of accordions and festivals with the melody ending with a series of crescendos. You'll hear the melody getting louder and louder. Ju-kikai Gaku (Mechanical Engineering) lives up to its name but innovative nonetheless since it is the sound of machines that together create a symphony with the pounding of nails as the rhythm and the forging or the iron as the bass.
Winter Sun's light guitar riffs and chords sounds easygoing as lounge music and Puff the Pussy Puzzle is a combination of ambient tunes and old '30s blues rendition. Until is a lovely song. It is an old '30s blues with the piano or a bit of those old classic jazz bars in the '30s when beautiful girls sing by the piano. I can imagine this being sung in black and white tv a la Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman's Casablanca. The lyrics are even simple,
"Love me till the sky falls down Love me till the world's not round O love me 'just' forever and maybe some more Just as I have vowed to..."
If you're THE Turn A Gundam fan, this is one CD you should get. It's easygoing. Turn A Gundam OST 1 is more of a mixture of most genres. I don't know what to choose. I think I prefer this one!

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