Friday, December 7, 2001

Maze: The Mega Burst Space

Genre: Comedy / Fantasy
Parental Guidance Recommended
1997 Satoru Akahori, J.C. Staff

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Cover Description:
Maze wakes up with amnesia in a zany fantasy world, only to find herself surrounded by evildoers and baby-sitting a spoiled princess. Luckily, she's developed explosive superpowers to help her cope! But the powers come with a strange side effect. Every night, Maze transforms into a flirtatious man!

(25 Episodes)

Would love to be in Onna (Woman) Maze's place! >>> by skysenshi

Onna Maze is what every feminist would love so much to hate-overly gentle, timid, shy, abhors fighting to a certain degree. But dear gawd! This bishounen-filled treat has all the good looking-guys (and girls) falling all over her feet. Saber (*swoon*), Gold...even the gorgeous female Demi-hunter Solude!

The situation is somehow perverted, though. Of course, Maze is one body shared by a male and a female soul, which should have been strange enough. When I got to the later episodes, however, all thoughts of romance flew from my head. Don't ask why. If I weren't a webmistress of an H site, I would probably be calling the state of affairs a bit sickening.

What drew me into watching episode after episode of Maze in a span of 24 hours is the poetry of the battle scenes and the beauty of the mechs. The Armors, as these organic mechs are called, belong to an unknown technology from the past-the origins of which are only to be revealed near the end of the series. It's also quite fascinating to note that Ruruga, the Rom Armor that Maze pilots, behaves like a woman (i.e., running with hips swaying from side to side) does whenever Onna Maze is conscious.

Overall, Maze is a chockfull of light-hearted fun! There are plenty of filler episodes, but since these are mostly about the supporting characters' pasts, I find them extraordinarily entertaining. Think Bakuretsu Hunter or Slayers. It doesn't seem to be a rip-off of Ranma, since the circumstances surrounding the girl-turning-to-guy fiasco are quite different. I positively adore this series so much that the only thing that has kept me from giving this a higher grade is that the ending was an absolute downer.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 7; Story 4; Characters 9; Sounds 8

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