Saturday, March 2, 2002

Jewel Bem Hunter Lime

Genre: Comedy
Parental Guidance Recommended
1996 Kenichiro Nakamura, Tetsuro Amino (director), Ashi Productions, ASMIK

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Cover Description:
There is another world alongside ours. It is a world of demons and all manner of peculiar creatures. Strange monsters known as BEM's have escaped from the other world, and the have possessed the indignant spirits naturally occurring inside of everyday items. To stop them, Lime emerges from the other world with a heart full of honesty and a head full of air! She may not be the brightest being from the other world, but she means well. With her magical powers and gorgeous body, she's determined to rid earth of the insidious BEM's!

(3 OAV Episodes)

Glad I didn't skip it. >>> by firesenshi

The title, Jewel Bem Hunter Lime, reminded me of usual magical girl shoujo so I thought I'd just skip it. That was until I laughed at the little pocket critter walking around trying to steal some girl's underwear in the locker room. Pocket critter, you say? Well, the creature turned out to be a BEM which Lime is set out to capture. There are 3 OAV episodes and three different BEMs in each. That much it has in common with a magical girl shoujo type of anime. My first thought on that monster-of-the-day part reminded me of Sailormoon. Another thing is that Jewel Bem Hunter Lime actually has a henshin (transform) phase similar to Sailormoon.

There are other additions though because Lime has a friend named Bass, a girl-crazy almost hentai always hungry boy who transforms into a demon himself. Lime and Bass have strangely funny adventures totally typical of twisted anime humor. My sister who watches anime for the "cuteness" sat down and laughed at the little BEM pocket critter with underwear on its head. The jewel BEM stuck in a syringe suddenly became a monster who sought out revenge on all humans because it was underappreciated. (Let's just say you won't like it when syringes run after you.) Absolute weird hilarity. It's a fun watch actually.

What is bad here is that there are only 3 episodes. And I don't understand why there are only 3 since its humor can actually be quite funny in its shallowness and the concept of two worlds of BEMs and humans, though slightly overused, is still attractive to its market. I mean, Wedding Peach had more than 3 episodes, right?

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 7; Story 7; Characters 7; Sounds 6

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