Saturday, July 27, 2002

Abashiri Family (Abashiri Ikka)

Genre: Action / Comedy
Parental Guidance Recommended, contains some delicate scenes and violence
1992 Go Nagai, Dynamic Planning, Inc., Studio Pierrot, Soeishinsha, NEXTART

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Cover Description:
They're creepy and they're kooky, but they're not THAT family. They're even weirder! They're the Abashiri family, kingpins of disorganized crime and the most dysfunctional family of criminals to ever perpetrate anti-social behavior on a global scale! So, just how bad are they? Let's just say that seasoned hit-men lose control of their bladders at the very mention of the name and that Mob Warfare has nothing on an Abashiri family quarrel! The most shocking thing, however, is not the Abashiris' nearly superhuman capabilities, nor their reputation for wanton, senseless violence, but the fact that they've built such international notoriety with a gang of only five members! Of course, as Papa Abashiri would say,"Five may not be many, but it takes only five fingers to form a fist, a powerful force that can crush all opposition! Of course," Papa also admits "Some fingers are more important than others, especially if you're pulling a trigger or flipping someone the bird."

(4 acts)

Not a Go Nagai fan. >>> by skysenshi

Although I like Go Nagai's work on Cutey Honey in all its versions and I believe he did great with Devilman, I'm not much of a Go Nagai fan. This is because his sense of humor usually leaves a lot to be desired. This much is evident with the Abashiri Family. It's not enough that almost every member of this proud family is wild and ugly as sin (another Go Nagai trademark), they also have to be quite an incestuous bunch. The plot really just has to be the most retarded piece of nonsense I have ever seen, emphasized with a lot of violence, nudity, and gore as if these elements would be of any help. On the first act alone, I began to think that Abashiri Family is one heck of a lullabye with the most powerful sleeping spell.

There is something quite interesting in the female Abashiri Kikunosuke, though, which was why I was able to finish all 4 acts. I've always admired female characters who have lead for fists. The interest dries up quickly, however, because strong as Kikunosuke is, she is still awashed with Freudian concepts that put the male species exaggeratedly above all other specimen. My advice: Watch only if you're a die-hard Go Nagai fan, otherwise, shoot the person who recommends this.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 5; Story 7; Characters 5; Sounds 5

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