Tuesday, February 4, 2003


Genre: Comedy
Parental Guidance Recommended
Credits: 2001 Yamaga Hiroyuki, Nakayama Bujurou, Ditama Bow, Gainax, Shaft

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Skysenshi's Description:
Mahoro is an android who fights in an underground war. At age 9, her lifespan is nearly up. She is given the choice of whether to continue fighting and last for 38 days, or live a "normal" life and survive for more than a year. Mahoro, unused to doing absolutely nothing, decides to work as a maid at young Suguru's house. Thus begins the adventures of a battle android as she makes friends and learn more about her young master's history.

(12 episodes)

More spice needed. >>> by skysenshi

This is perhaps the most difficult piece to write. It took me a week of procrastination before I was even able to gather my thoughts together to give this anime an actual rating. On one hand, I had just finished watching Hanaukyo Maids, and I had just had enough of too much fan service. You'll see a lot of women who walk around topless, comparing bust sizes. And there's a hot-looking teacher who chases scrawny Suguru non-stop. To top it all, Mahoro, a highly skilled combat android decides to "rest" and work as a maid! (After G-Taste, Emi's Fantasies, Hand Maid May, and Hanaukyo Maids, I never though I'd be touching yet another maid-oriented material so soon.)

On the other hand, the story has a lot of potential. You have here a mix of comedy, action and a bit of drama -- Gainax style. The little complication would be that Mahoro finds herself nursing a tendré for Suguru and yet she knows full well that she is responsible for his orphaned status. The characters are loveable, especially the female ones, though they don't make much of an impact for me to be able to remember their names. They're not your stereotypical male fantasy women who always have jealous fits. In fact, my favorite here is that blond girl who totally worships Mahoro's cooking. The male characters, on the other hand, are props. Not much more than that. The voice acting and characterization for the supporting cast are well delivered, though, which makes things livelier.

It took me 2 weeks to finish this 12 episode feature when I've finished the 96 episodes of Maison Ikkoku in 2 days. The difference: I was bored out of my wits with Mahoromatic. I'd probably get flamed for that remark, especially when it has a lead character that's so cute you really want to pinch her cheeks. And action scenes that can really be so involving you'd forget you were supposed to be watching a shoujo comedy. And a "villain" who looks so yummy and perfect, it's funny how his situation with Suguru gets misunderstood. And an interesting behind-the-scenes bonus that makes the ending worthwhile. But that's just it. These are the only things that would wake me up in the middle of near-stupor. The laughs and awe that I felt while watching only came in spurts, which in turn made me imagine that 12 episodes of Mahoromatic is just far too long.

It might be interesting to note that Mahoromatic is directed by Yamaga Hiroyuki, the very same person who is responsible for the idea, script and direction of another sleep-inducer that is Wings of Honneamise. A very talented and profound person, I would guess, but still, there's something missing in Mahoromatic and I'm not finding the flavor.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 7; Story 4; Characters 9; Sounds 8

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