Monday, April 28, 2003

Iketeru Futari (Cool Couple)

Genre: Ecchi Comedy
Parental Guidance Recommended
1999. TBS TV. Pioneer. Takashi Sano.

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Thundersenshi's Description:
16-year old Saji has nothing better to do than fantasize about beautiful young women all day. But he has his heart set on winning the affections of the school's headturner, Koizumi Akira. Problem is, the said girl won't even give him the time of the day. Ordinarily this would put off the typical admirer from further pursuing a fruitless endeavor, but for someone like Saji, a disconcerting cold shoulder is no trouble at all.

(16 episodes)

It's easy to diss this season... >>> by skysenshi

Can you believe I did not even finish this in one sitting, as expected from a 5-minutes-per-episode anime? And it only has 16 episodes. I was told it was somewhat reminiscent of the naughty PG-15 title, Golden Boy, but I beg to differ. Kintaro (of Golden Boy) proves a much charming perverted male lead than Saji with his raging hormones. And whereas Golden Boy takes on an atmosphere of more mature characters, Iketeru Futari happens within a high school setting. Which is funny, because it's downright vulgar and hentai in nature minus the actual sex on screen, more so than Golden Boy ever was. It has a lot more nudity and erotic fantasies involved...which somehow fails to charm me. In between Saji's fantasies, I find myself thinking if this particular title should really belong under non-H category. Well it's not quite up there yet, but it's definitely hanging by a thread.

The story leaves much to be desired. Sure, you say, what's to expound on a perverted high school boy chasing his campus love? Very well, there should have been decent character development at least. There were no astounding revelations as to why certain characters are perceived as "different" or "special" or why they are even constantly thrown in senseless situations that are just excuses for a fanboy's dream.

I fail to see plausible reasons as to why people would even bother with this. The artwork is messy, the sounds suck, and the story is corny. Throw in a couple of ecchi scenes and you've got yourself a candidate for H-material...only, there's no actual sex involved, which makes it unqualified. So this isn't exactly your quick H fix. What else does it have to make it noticeable in the foray of the non-H, then? Not much. If you're looking for humor, I can name a lot of other titles better than this. If you like a little dirt on your comedy, Golden Boy (plus a few other titles) wins my vote hands down. Even if you were looking for hentai flicks, this would probably leave you unsatisfied. In two words? No deal.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 6; Story 4; Characters 5; Sounds 5

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