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Maze: The Mega Burst Space OAV

Genre: Comedy / Fantasy
Parental Guidance Recommended
1996 Satoru Akahori, J.C. Staff

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Cover Description:
Transported through time and space, Maze has gained incredible powers... and one astronomical problem. Every night, she transforms into a lecherous man! To top it all off, she must rescue a fugitive (and overly affectionate) princess from a mysterious warrior cult. But male Maze would rather be chasing the ladies...

(2 episodes)

Yuri fest! >>> by skysenshi
I thought at first that this came after the Maze TV Series, seeing as there isn't much of an introduction to the plot or the characters' backgrounds, save for the "preview" that Princess Mille narrates at the beginning of the first two episodes. I checked the credits and found that this OAV actually came a year before the TV version.

For those who do not have an inkling as to what Maze is all about, just picture this: girl turns into a guy at night. She is joined by a group of warriors called the Jaina Holy Group and they seem to be protecting the Princess Mille. In times of emergency, Maze and Mille combine their powers to pilot the gigantic mech called Dulger.

The first scene you'll encounter is that of our heroes duking it out with the Capitolina Monks. These monks are basically part of a cult that's chasing our heroes and they're sending a beautiful scarred man named Gorgeous to do the job. During Maze-tachi's journey, they end up in the huge kingdom where the famous Tower of Babylon stands. Sinister things happen, sending Maze to jail while the rest of her friends get thrown in a labyrinth controlled by some psycho Quiz Master.

It's quite difficult to pinpoint the central plot, seeing as the wacky antics of the gang tend to distract me from what's actually happening. This title is very very ecchi and it almost made it to the other side of the Fridge. Sometimes I wonder if there's a contest going on, something along the lines of "Get Into Maze's Pants Event!" Unlike Maze TV, where the drop-dead gorgeous men vie for Maze's attention, you'd see here that the ones who are angling to grope our protagonist are the women. Randy the Fairy (please tell me that name wasn't meant as a pun), gets the most advantage as she hides herself inside Maze's shirt. Everytime the camera focuses on Randy, you're treated to a clear view of Maze' peaks. Lots of nudity and sexual innuendos in this feature, and even dungeon skeletons weren't spared from the lascivious jokes.

Artwork and animation still remind me of Magic Knight Rayearth and Slayers. I have no complaints in that department. As for entertainment value, I think this is one of those anime that you need not have difficulty enjoying. It's brainless and fun, if you don't mind the constant display of flesh.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 8; Story 6; Characters 8; Sounds 7

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