Monday, June 11, 2007

About The Fridge

The Otaku Fridge was originally a network of anime-gaming related sites started by the Senshi cousins. It was first built by Skysenshi on May 18 of 1997 and initially hosted at GeoCities. It had a series of name changes from the Kitchen Raiders Refrigerator, to the Kitchen Raiders Otaku Vault, to the Kitchen Raiders Otaku Fridge, to the Kraiders Otaku Fridge, to Anime Okashi, until finally...simply the Otaku Fridge. Not that these tidbits are really important or remotely interesting...

The Otaku Fridge Network contains The Otaku Fridge Collective (this site), the Otaku Fridge Boards, and Hentai Neko (sold to a new owner early in 2007). The blue layout was designed by Skysenshi, while the orangey layout (Okashi's original, I must add) was by Firesenshi. The 2007 version of the Fridge, however, was based on an original skin called Phobus, which was created by Dugu and modified by Skysenshi to fit the anime-gamer theme. The site was powered by Wordpress.

The 2010 version, on the other hand, is Skysenshi's beefed up Web 2.0 remake of Firesenshi's 1997 Anime Okashi. Skysenshi made sure it stayed true to the original's feel while she re-arranged and re-designed it to accommodate several new dynamic elements. The content management system was also migrated from Wordpress to Blogger.

The Otaku Fridge is maintained and managed by Skysenshi.

More of the Fridge's history can be found at Skysenshi's portfolio site.


How does one become a contributor?
It's easy. Just post your review entry in this page (it won't hurt to introduce yourself also). The existing contributors and editors will then deliberate on it and if your entry is accepted, you will be added as a new contributor. We'll also set you up so that you'll be able to use our writing tools with ease.


What happened to Anime Okashi and Disc13?
They just went back to their original state -- as subsections of the Otaku Fridge. The only reason we bought separate domains back then was to divide the task among the senshi, with Firesenshi maintaining Anime Okashi, assisted by Thundersenshi, and Skysenshi maintaining Disc13 and Hentai Neko. Since Firesenshi is now very very busy with real-life concerns, and some baka stole our Anime Okashi domain (partly due to our negligence, prolly), Skysenshi had to take over the revival and maintenance of the anime section. Wouldn't it be easier to just stash 'em all again in one domain?


Why isn't my opinion posted?
We are still trying to verify the information in your commentaries by looking for the titles and watching them for ourselves. All of the anime and manga you've seen here were all watched, read, played and listened to by the staff of Okashi so we know if the information is correct or not. It will be a bit hard if the commentary says something like "Macross Plus came before Macross: Do You Remember Love" when that is not so. ^_^


My review was posted on Anime Okashi and/or the classic Otaku Fridge before, but it's not here anymore...
T_T It means that it was one of those files that we weren't able to rescue. Thunder, Fire, and Sky kept different copies of Anime Okashi, the latest one being with Fire. Unfortunately, her hard drive was stricken with the flu, just as the Anime Okashi domain got stolen. We were able to retrieve some of the files from an archiving site, but over 60 of those files still got lost. Yours may have been one of them.

If you have a copy of your review, we would gladly repost it.

The two other possibilities are: (1) We have not yet finished migrating your review from the classic Fridge to this new interface; and (2) your game review may not have been Japanese and all non-Japanese games are being transferred to (which has now been merged with

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