Monday, September 3, 2007

Registration Closed

After a whole month of beta testing, we’ve decided to close the registration process. We found out that a lot of people will try to abuse the system, which is kind of funny because spammers and dubious usernames are automatically filtered by the site anyway. From now on, only people who have been approved as Contributors will be registered into the site.

Non-contributing readers are still welcome to comment on the articles and reviews, of course. Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome. You can register on the boards, if you want to talk to other users. ^^

As for spammers, well, I still get a kick out of the attempts since I’ve seen really creative ones captured by the filter. Once in a while I approve a spam comment through, mostly because some can be quite amusing.

Oh and…I’d like to thank the spammers who attempted (and utterly failed) to fill the site with garbage. Without you, we would never have found out how adorably tough our filters are. =^.^=

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