Monday, December 10, 2007

Fanfiction Archive Back Up!

So sorry I wasn’t able to update for this week. Was supposed to write manga reviews for Crying Freeman (this is much more graphic than its anime rendition) and Hana Kimi.
Y’see, I had been working on reviving the fanfiction archive, which has always been one of my favorite sections of this site… well, actually, it used to be part of Hentai Neko and only featured mature fics. This time around, I’ve installed security measures for those who are underage. I’ve also included new kid-friendly categories.
Just to list the new features available:
  • New layout (in accordance with the Otaku Fridge’s theme for 2007)
  • New categories
  • Anti-bot filters
  • Ability to challenge another fic author with your own fic
  • Collaborations
  • More editing powers for authors (you can delete undesirable reviews)
  • And so much more…I get confused with the features already
Some of the sections are still being debugged (like new author registrations can’t be processed yet and the index page is rather skewed) so please bear with me.
Anyhoo, I lead you to the new fanfiction archive:

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