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Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

Genre: Role Playing Game
Platform: Sony Playstation Portable (PSP)
CREDITS: 2010 XSeed. Screenshots courtesy of

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Since its initial release over a decade ago, Lunar: Silver Star Story has continued to captivate fans with its timeless tale of love, betrayal and redemption, expertly woven into its involving gameplay and cinematic presentation. Now the original single player RPG masterpiece is reborn on the PSP as Lunar: Silver Star Harmony with all new graphics, added gameplay features, and a re-mastered soundtrack so that a whole new generation of fans can experience this legendary first entry of the Lunar universe, while newly added story elements will entice returning fans.

Story: While seemingly placid on the surface, the world of Lunar is slowly descending into chaos, as the Goddess Althena, the creator and guardian of the world, has disappeared and the valiant efforts of the legendary Dragonmaster Dyne and his faithful companions fade into obscurity. With Althena gone and no one able or willing to become the next Dragonmaster, a shadowy figure, known only as the Magic Emperor, has started plotting to usurp Althena’s place and become a god. In a remote village far removed from the decay that is slowly spreading throughout the world lives a young man named Alex, who dreams of one day becoming the next Dragonmaster like his hero Dyne. One day, Alex’s friend Ramus convinces him to head towards a cave near town, where it is rumored the legendary White Dragon resides. With Alex’s childhood friend Luna and his mysterious pet Nall in tow, Alex heads off on what seems to be a meaningless adventure, not knowing that it would be the first step in an epic journey with the fate of the entire world at stake.

PREVIEW >>> by skysenshi (01.23.2010)
An email from Ricardo Barbosa, who found my FAQ in GameFAQs, had me going back to retrieve my Lunar archives and immediately re-inserting them into this database even though it wasn't scheduled for migration yet. The email went like this, and I quote:

"I wanted to say thanks! I recently started playing Lunar 2, I actually have had the game from day one, but Im always so busy, I have lunar one as well, but barely touched it until they put on the gameboy advance. I looked everywhere and you guide was the only one worth looking for the bromides, and since they are on chonical order, that made it even better, it might be 8 years later, but your guide is still helping people, or at least one of them, thank you very much!"

Hehe, glad to know my old stuff are still useful. Thanks, Mr. Barbosa!

My memories of Lunar: The Silver Star Story (Complete) is rather hazy now (I did write the review in 1999, about 11 years ago) but I remember the characters very well. I loved Jessica and Kyle the most. I still use Kyle as an avatar in my private LJ.

I'm staring at the features and the screen captures and it looks like Silver Star Harmony is a complete remake of The Silver Star Story (Complete). The sprites and environment are different. Well, d-oh, it's all isometric now. Still cute, but amazingly different. The 2D seems to remain, although there are new additions that are almost faithful to the original art. The battle system looks like it has been beefed up.

The following features are listed in
  • The beloved original story has been expanded and fleshed out with new cut-scenes and story sequences, revealing more about the four heroes and answering some of the questions left unresolved in the original.
  • Widely acclaimed as one of the best RPGs of all time, the classic, original Lunar is back to be experienced by a new generation of gamers.
  • Classic RPG play that has players leveling and upgrading gear as you progress through a story peppered with cutscenes.
  • All of the graphics have been redone to take full advantage of the widescreen format and processing power of the PSP, and newly composed songs added to the re-mastered original soundtrack.
  • The Arts Gauge battle system allows players to unleash devastating attacks or heal party members has been implemented to add another dimension to the battle system.

There are two versions of this remake: the regular one and the limited edition. Apparently, the limited edition has the soundtrack and the set of exclusive bromides. There are 13 of them. Hm. And here I was, hoping that my ancient FAQ would still be of use.

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony will be released in March 2010 for Sony PSP. You can read more of this game's features here.


  1. Hey I should get this for my son!

  2. Yes! If you loved the game, most likely Ken will love the game, too. Did ya see the graphics? It has improved! Weeeeeee!

  3. Y'know, when it first came out, I was opposed to the PSP. Though I'm finding myself warming up more and more to the PSP, and with this post, it's even more tempting to get one...

  4. Get one!!! :D
    I'm actually waiting for a PSP version that could play PS2 games. There were so many PS2 games I couldn't play due to time constraints (no time to stay home, so many errands etc.). The PSP is so convenient. I played so many RPGs while waiting for my turn at the dentist, the bus, or if I got to the university an hour before my class... I was able to catch up with games I never got to touch on the PSX. I could say the same thing for the DS, actually, except I caught up with old Nintendo games on the DS.

    Ohhhh...and one other convenient thing: you can turn the PSP off without saving and you'd still be able to continue where you left off. It's really the console for busy people who sort of steal gaming time from their regular schedules..

    The downside? Do not play with it so close to your face. I've experienced blurry visions after taking my eyes off the screen.

  5. Heeeeey, Dong! How was it? I'm sort of done playing Dissidia (though I'm just leveling up the characters and getting treasures), I want to play this next.

  6. To me kasi it's Nostalgic I was in grade 5-6 when I played the remake for the PS1 re-reminisce ko yung mga times na yun sa game na toh pati BOF3. hahaha. The PSP version is sorta the same Lunar only better graphics and may mga bonus added pero na-mimiss ko yung Soundtrack nung sa PS version medyo iniba nila yung soundtrack nito (konti lang) even the Lyrics of Wind's Nocturne and the Opening FMV iniba nila pero same tune oh also iba yung voice actors, I prefer Nall's voice sa PS1 version it's cuter there, kesa dito sa PSP version boses lalaki si Nall...


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