Monday, December 14, 2009

Otaku Fridge 2010

Didn't think it would come to this again, but this site has just moved homes. I began transfer in November of 2009, although it’s quite a slow, arduous process. Hey, I’m only one person working on migration (this sorta makes me think things were much easier when I was just FTPing HTML files instead of switching databases).

New layout, new server (Blogger, which I had been using for my Portfolio since 2005), and maybe a new life? The Otaku Fridge began with GeoCities and now it ends with…Google. At least for 2010. I hope this is the last database migration I’ll ever have to do. It’s exhausting!

Many of you will probably ask why I'm doing this yet again when I haven't been able to finish the initial migration from HTML to Wordpress for Otaku Fridge 2007.  Well, much as I loved tweaking the Wordpress content management system and testing its limits, it seems I have been remiss in tweaking the limits of my own wallet. 2009 was a year of life-altering events: Michael Jackson's untimely demise (plus Francis Magalona's, Cory Aquino's, David Carradine's, Patrick Swayze's, Farrah Fawcett's and Brittany Murphy's T.T), Typhoon Ondoy submerging so many of our cities, and the political unrest surrounding the fear that we'll once again be under Martial Law. I never imagined I could actually spend thousands of pesos on people (typhoon victims) that I am not related to and if you think about it, spending so much money on a hobby (maintaining my sites) seems suddenly trivial. So, as you can see, I'm finding a new home in a less sophisticated platform.  I feel like I've downgraded, technology-wise.  Still, the important thing remains: Blogger is free. Not to mention, it's in sync with the rest of my favorite Google applications.

You'll also notice that the adult anime section has been taken out of this site AGAIN.  It's just like having HN back, except I don't own the domain now. Heh.  My reasons for the separation is explained fully here.

2010, huh.  We're actually gearing towards the Otaku Fridge's 13th year and thinking about it now, this site actually launched my real career: from an anime fan with a passion for creating fan shrines, to a web designer, to a game developer, to a college professor (specializing in information design and game development), to a college's Assistant Director, and finally to someone who contributes to the animation and game development curricula of all schools under the Philippine Commission on Higher Education. That was quite a long leap from the simple teen-aged hobbyist I once was.  I may not be updating this site on a regular basis anymore, but it holds a special place in my heart. It not only helped me reach deep inside myself in order to extract my potentials but it also helped me reach out to those who dream of becoming animators and game designers/developers in the future.

So in ending 2009, I present you with its last review: Bleach Movie 1 - Memories of Nobody. Enjoy...while I whip up my first review for 2010. (That is, after I finish 4 PhD papers due next week.)

Written December 14, 2009 (edited December 31, 2009), for release on January 1, 2010.


  1. Happy New Year! I hope the migration goes better this time. Congratulations on still being able to pursue your passions for education and gaming. I wish you happiness and success in the new year.

  2. Thanks, Phil! I'm really excited about this decade, although I am planning to take a leave off work (around October) so I can concentrate on my doctoral dissertation...then update the site at least once a week to break the monotony. Those are my goals for the year.

    Thanks for dropping by! Happy new year!


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