Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Otaku Fridge Boards...Revived? Har har!

Wow. After more than a year, I've actually "revived" the boards! Well, in spirit, that is. Because this is a totally new platform. I just don't know if it's going to be utilized as much as it had been a few years ago. I'm not really hoping much.

I'm just happy that I have something up even if it's a bit primitive compared to the old Ikonboard or Invisionboard. A lot of the original categories have also been removed because they no longer are applicable to our new setup so this would be much much much lighter. Hopefully, the effort would be appreciated, haha! (Even if there are times when the layout/design completely disappears sometimes and I get disoriented. I'm also still trying to figure out how to remove my blasted face off each forum category without having to remove my avatar. Sorry about that. I wish there was something better I can do. EDIT: Ok, that face thing was fixed. Nabble has an awesome support team!)

So, without further ado...WELCOME TO THE OTAKU FRIDGE BOARDS!!!
(Translation: Please populate it now. =^.^=)
Click here to access the boards.
Or simply use the right-hand navigation of this site to find the link.
Or, for the older members, you can still access it via the original URL:

UPDATE 04.17.2010:
The video games section has now been completely recovered. Yay. Took me a while to finish that. Gosh, really lots of old school games in there. @_@ Many of them are collectors' items now. I can't believe that some of them actually cost about $200 now on! Who buys these oldies at that price?? Some of the platforms aren't even being sold on the market anymore. If I take too long in the anime section, I'd probably go and recover the "mature" ("delicate"?) side of the Fridge first...

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