Sunday, December 4, 2011

On winning at the Philippine Blog Awards 2011

2011 began with the Otaku Fridge winning at the 12th Philippine WEB Awards (PWA) and it ends with the Otaku Fridge bagging Best Gaming Blog (National Level) at the Philippine BLOG Awards (PBA). I honestly was rooting for my other site, Sarimanok.PH, which also made it into the National Finals so I was not prepared to do a speech for this one. Why do I always mangle these things?? ^^;;

I thanked our readers, but I neglected to thank our contributors. One of them, username Voldemort, also won an award yesterday evening. Well, let's rectify it here, where it will go on record for as long as this site lives. Hehe. Thank you! Thank you!

I'm just happy because next year, the Otaku Fridge will be celebrating its 15th anniversary and I keep remembering how it started waaaaaay back during the GeoCities days. And the screening for this year, according to our host, was the most rigorous since hundreds of blogs had to go through so many processes. So yeah, she had it right when she said that all finalists are to be considered "hard core". Another thing to be happy about is the fact that I discovered quite a few blogs that I'd really love to visit. (Especially I am Fickle Cattle. I swear, working in a testosterone filled game development company has considerably nerfed my gaydar. I thought he was straight when he came up onstage.)

Anyway, here are some photos of the event, which was held at the Carlos P. Romulo Hall of RCBC Tower. You can view more photos at my Facebook page.

The stage.

Posing with my Sarimanok.PH co-author, Cris Dumlao.
The site made it into the finals (National Level) but we bowed to Sining Factory for the Arts & Culture category.

All winners:
Me on the left. My friends Lia of Geek Girl Manila and Kel (a.k.a. Voldemort) of It's True! It's True!
Kel, incidentally, was also the voice-over. He thought he wouldn't win because he was hosting.

Posing with other winners on stage.

Most of us.

And this is the trophy.
I should buy a properly labeled stand for it before friends ask me why I have a "kalabaw" on my desk.

Truth be told, my year had been quite rough (and was TOTALLY BAD for my self-esteem, which went on an all-time low). It's quite ironic because 2011 started out quite well for. But this is a great year-ender, telling me that life is still good after all. =^.^=

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