Sunday, December 18, 2011

UP-AME (Monogatari) Fair 2011

This post is more than a month late. Hehe.

The perpetually anticipated UP-AME Fair for 2011 was held at the World Trade Center last November 12, 2011 and I volunteered to not only be a media partner (and I obviously have been remiss in my duties in that aspect) but also as a speaker. Under the Anino Games Inc. banner, we also bought some sponsorship space. Yes, I know, this is one of the local anime industry's biggest event of the year. Hence the active participation.

The thing about UP-AME's fairs is that it's also one I usually dread going to, mostly because past experience has led me to think that it will be disorganized or that students cannot handle the volume of visitors that usually come their way. After all, they do this annually to celebrate AME's anniversary and not because they do PR events for a living.

This year, I was in for a complete surprise. The crowd control went pretty well (considering the volume of traffic coming in and out of the tent), the ushers were systematic, garbage maintenance could use some work but it was at least manageable and I actually had fun. Plus, I learned a lot from some of the workshops and that's always a good thing. So whatever it is this batch of UP-AME members did, I hope they continue to do it in the years to come. I think the World Trade Center tent was just the right size for an event of this magnitude.

Anyway, here are some key photos of Monogatari. You can view more photos on my FB page.

This is our booth. It comes with two pretty watchers, Vana and Nikka.

If you ever go hungry, you can always grab some P15 onigiri at the UP AME snack booth.

What is an anime fair without costumes?

This is for those who like 'em cutesy stuff.

Some toys for sale.

Beautiful blades.

I love this entrance.

Great job on the plants that lined the entrance. Tita May's work. =^.^=


Nikka checking out the headgears.

People dancing.

Akitani-san's kimono's.

Artists working on what they do best.


Some kendo demonstrations.

Toys on display at the workshop area.

Cutie kid in a costume. She posed by our booth.

That's me preparing for my topic.

Which was about how to turn your anime-gaming hobby into a career.

Akitani-san and her kimekomi art.

It looks easy enough...

But looks can be deceiving. Nikka works on her kimekomi.

Almost done.

It really ain't complete without cosplayers.

Have your fortunes told.

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